—————  August Newsletter —————

Happy August, everyone!!

 Wow, the heat just keeps on coming! And of course, with the heat comes the dryness and the need for water and, unfortunately, the lack of water…

 The ditch company has now put restrictions in place for the course and for homeowners. I’m sure most of you have already figured out that you’ve been cut back by a third (lost a day of water). Again, we have no control over that and certainly sympathize.

 However, Dave and his staff continue to do great things and the course is in fantastic shape. Dave is losing most of his summer help this week, so if you know of anyone needing work for the next couple of months, send him or her our way!!

 Danielle and her staff also continue to do great things and many nights the bar is buzzing with activity. Thank you, those of you who knew, for your understanding about the grill being closed Sunday afternoon and evening and Monday morning/lunch. As for many restaurants (and other businesses – see above), staffing still presents its issues.

Things in the pro shop continue to go well. I have the new shirts and golf balls in and I am getting special orders in good time now. The July tournaments went very well and in both the Mike Brown Memorial and the Youth Hockey fundraiser we had over 100 players!

 PLEASE NOTE!! Sign up sheets are out in the pro shop for the match-play club championships. I would like to start play this coming Monday, so please sign up this week. Entry is $20 for the first tournament and free for the others! So if you want to play in the overall, the men’s tees-gross, the men’s tees-net and the senior tees, the cost is still only $20. Same for the ladies, you can play in overall gross and overall net for only $20.

 I can’t believe it is August already. Before we know it, the bank tournament and the snowball will be here…

 In closing, kudos to Dave and the staff for how they have the driving range looking. I don’t remember seeing so much green out there for a long, long time.

 Let us know in the pro shop if we can do anything for you.

 Until next time, happy golfing!


The Mike Brown Memorial Tournament was held on Saturday, March 23. The format was a four-person scramble. Results are posted on the scoreboard near the entrance the clubhouse.

2022 Memorial Day Pro/Pro – Pro/Scratch and 2022 Memorial Day Two Man Better Ball.

Winners in the respective flights were:

Pro/Pro – Pro/Scratch

1st place: Bruce and Joe Summerhays – $7,500 team at 20 under par

2nd place: Derek Tolan and Nick Mason – $4,000 team at 18 under par

3rd place: Todd Tanner and James Mee – $2,500 team at 15 under par

4th place: Jaren Calkins and Kirby Coe-Kirkham – $1,500 team at 14 under par

5th place: Justin Keiley and Denny Job – $750 team at 12 under par


Green Tee Gross Division

1st place: Payte Owen and Chris Caines – $800 team at 14 under par

2nd place: Jon Cox and Nick Vosika – $600 team at 3 under par

3rd place: Rick Paxton and Sierra Brubaker – $300 team at 1 under par

4th place: Beau Wendling and Gordon Terhune – $100 team at 1 over par


Green Tee Net Division

1st place: Jim Beasley and Scott Rhine – $800 team at 26 under par

2nd place: Russ Madsen and Scott Rhine1 – $600 team at 17 under par

3rd place: Cameron Holloway and Chris Trares – $300 team at 11 under par

4th place: Mike Ibach and Bill DeLapp – $100 team at 9 under par


Congratulations to Cameron Holloway who had his first ever hole-in-one on 16 during his practice round on Friday!!


Thanks again to all who participated in any way. It was a great tournament, even if it was only two days this year!!


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