—————  September Newsletter —————

Hello All!


Exciting news for the clubhouse! We are getting new carpet installed in the bar and dining room! Therefore, 3017 Bar & Grill will be closed today, Monday, September 12th and tomorrow, Tuesday, September 13th, so the install may be completed! Thanks to the ladies’ association for all their hard work and to Mike Becker for all of his hard work and contributions.

 The other pressing news is that tee times will now be available at 8:30 rather than 8:00 and in about two weeks we will push that back to 9:00. The later sunrise makes it so the team can’t get out and prepare the course any earlier. Thanks again, though, to Dave and his team for all their hard work.

 The Wyoming Community Bank/Help for Health Hospice Labor Day Golf Tournament was a huge success again this year with 72 participants. A good time was had by all and despite heat that became almost oppressing in the late morning and early afternoon, there were smiles all around!

 The formats this year were the same as in years past, with the front nine consisting of a two-person scramble and the back nine a two-person better ball on Sunday, and the front nine consisting of a two-person better ball and the back nine playing a s a Modified Chapman format on Monday.

 There were two flights, a men’s flight and a women’s/mixed flight.

 The gross division (no handicap) on the men’s side was extremely close this year with only two shots being the difference between first and third place! Winners were Lars Flanagan and Paul Hult with a score of one-under par 143 for the weekend. They won $400 in pro shop credit. Second place in the gross division was taken by Gordon Terhune and Casey Graham with a score of even par 144. They won $250 in pro shop credit. Third place in the gross division was taken by Travis Brockie and Tim Hill with a score of 145. They won $150 in pro shop credit.

 The net division winners (winning the same amount of pro shop credit as the gross division) were Mike Ibach and Bill Winter with a net score of 126. Second place went to Doyle Ward and Ken King with a net score of 129. Third place went to Roger Eder and Terry Berg with a net score of 130. Fourth place in the net division paid $100 in pro shop credit and was taken by Curt Galitz and Adam Sanchez with a net score of 131. Fifth place in the net division paid $50 in pro shop credit and was taken by Don Strom and Bill DeLapp.

 Things weren’t quite as close in the gross division of the women’s/mixed flight as Michael Sawyer and Amanda Pendergraft posted a very strong score of three-over par 147. They won $400 in pro shop credit. Second place gross went to Matt and Macey Mortimore with a score of 158 and they won $250 pro shop credit.

 The net division of the women’s/mixed flight was closer and the winners were Tasya Ravellette and Kamee Eller with a net score of 140. Janet Coupens and Sally Davenport took second place with a net score of 144. Third place net went to Tony and Michelle Luoma with a net score of 145.

 $25 of each participants registration fee was matched by Wyoming Community Bank for a donation of $3,600 to Help for Health Hospice.  An additional $3,215 was raised on Sunday and Monday through raffles, tips and donations for this wonderful organization.

 Thank you again to everyone who played. It was a great tournament for a great cause!

 I hope everyone is well, and as always, please feel free to stop in the pro shop with thoughts and/or concerns.

 Until next time, happy golfing!


Next Monday, September 26th, the course will be closed until noon for Dave’s final application of the season. Please plan accordingly.

We have received new windshields, seat covers and tires for some of our more “worn out” carts so expect to see some improvements come the spring! We also ordered, and received, new bunker rakes for next year! So please put them to good use!! Ha ha.

One Monday in October, and it remains yet to be determined which one, we will be closed for a good part of the day for some really exciting improvements to the parking lot! I will keep you updated on that.

Speaking of October… Our Annual Snowball Tournament will be held Saturday, October 1st this year. We will shoot for a 10:00 a.m. shotgun start and the format will be two person teams playing a scramble on the front and better ball on the back. Cost will be $40 for members and $90 for non-members and the entry fee will include Danielle and Pauly’s famous chili bar after play!

Also regarding October: The course will have a “hard close” date of October 31st this year. This will allow Dave and his crew, weather permitting, to do a few things they need to do before the snow flies without the interuption of players and allow me to get the pro shop cleaned up and cleared out and hopefully make a couple of changes before winter gets too bad.

Should you play after the course closes – before the course gets flipped, be respectful of the greens and tend to them properly. AFTER the course gets flipped, stay off the greens no matter what you think the weather promotes, please!

Remember, this is your course, Dave knows what is best for all of us and we need to respect what he asks us to do!!

Beginning Tuesday, September 27th, our first available tee time will be 9:00 a.m. and I will stop allowing carts out after 6:00 p.m. As always, I will continue to allow you to return carts up until dark, I just won’t allow carts to get started later than 6:00.

I want to share something that happened yesterday, Sunday the 18th. My tee sheet was packed from 9:00 to 11:00 and then opened up SOME after that, but we were still fairly busy. However, no less than 12 groups of members showed up expecting to play without a tee time.

I am begging, via this email, that you call or use the online service to make a tee time. A couple of folks told me “it was a last minute thing”, and that’s fine, but even a phone call 5 minutes prior to arrival will give me a heads up. This helps me prepare for your arrival, makes sure I have carts available, a tee time available, etc. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but to the pro shop it’s really important. Thank you for your consideration going forward.

We continue to work to fill pro shop credit orders and to get golf balls in. They are still a hot commodity but I’m doing what I can. There will be a new shipment of Foot Joy men’s shirts in soon and hopefully a few more women’s items as well.

It’s been a good year and I thank everyone for their efforts and understanding this year.

Just a reminder, there will NOT be a stag day this month, the last Wednesday will just be a normal men’s day.

Until next time, happy golfing!





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